Children’s Poems

Shining In Our Own Way

By Crystal Mason

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My friends and I

Parade around town

Like drum leaders

Marching around a field                    

“Boom, bang, clash,”

We rang out                

As we pass by places             

And make funny faces

People look at us

Like we’re weird,

But we’re not weird

We’re just a group of kids

Having fun in the sun             

We are a sunny day               

Shining in our own way

Jumping Off The Page

By Crystal Mason

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Last night,

My mom read me a bedtime story

As she read

I saw the characters jump off the page

Like a frog

Leaping out of a pond

Those characters,

So silly and filled with song


Something took control of me

My toes were no longer my toes

My toes were a party

Dancing and wiggling

To the music in my head

“Ha, Ha, ha,” I laughed

All through the night

I was out of control

Until the light in my room

Was no longer aglow

Back to the story pages

Those characters went

To a place where they belong

So silly and filled with song